New website

Hi everyone!

Sorry for any confusion, but we have officially launched a newer, more official website for the BEE team.  Please make the switchover to:

If you’d like to be a contributor to the new website (post pictures, write stories, etc) please email Shannon at writeshans [!at]

And be sure to check out the etsy gallery section on the site to see everyone’s lovely work!! ūüôā ¬†Thanks!


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The Hive!

Grow Up ¬†Encaustic, mixed media on panel ¬†12 x 12″ by Lvhdesigns


G’morning everyone. ¬†We have officially started our posts in the forum. ¬†Go to Community (on Etsy’s site), then click on Forum and do a search for our tag (beeswaxteam). ¬†Or follow this link for the first post. ¬†


From here on out, all related announcements will be posted in “the Hive” section. ¬†This front page will be reserved for showing off each other’s works. ¬†Please see that section and the forums for up to date information! ¬†Thanks and happy painting this Monday. ¬†ūüôā

PS – coming soon… access for all BEE members!


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BEE team updates

Personal Space, Original Collage    by ReclaimedToYou 


Hi all!  

There will be many new additions in the next few weeks. ¬†I’ll make a short list here of some of the new changes. ¬†(It really is short, all things considered) ¬†ūüôā

1) BEEteam site! ¬†Now, if you go to you can find our team profile. ¬†This site will only be used to point people to our profile and to “favorite” any BEE member’s items. ¬†If you’re interested in obtaining an etsy-mini for a collection of BEE members’ work to add to your site, please let me know!

2) Forum forum forum! ¬†For some of the information that we’ve yet to get a final decision on, we’ll be starting a forum thread. ¬†From here on out, on Etsy’s site, if you go under Community, then Forum and do a search for beeswaxteam (our tag), you’ll be able to find any of our discussions. ¬†This will be a better way to communicate and get feedback over a period of time.

3) Tags! ¬†If you’re interested in promoting the BEE team, you may go to the “promos” section of our blog here, and download the white/ yellow graphic. ¬†This is our placeholder image until someone skilled in graphics comes along! ¬†But from here on out, if you’d like added exposure for your shop, include the tag: beeswaxteam when posting your items. ¬†Etsy will also acknowledge our team tag and will make it easier for anyone to find BEE members and their respective shops.

4) Featured artist of the week! ¬†We’ll be making an addition to this blog soon by highlighting one BEE member a week. ¬†Most likely, it will be the dominant thing on the front page (all announcements will be moved to “the hive” section. ¬†This will give that team member added exposure and give us a chance to hear more about each other! ¬†Thanks Earthtonestudios for starting to set that up!

5) Skill shares!  Tangledskystudio is working on a schedule for us to sign up to share and/ or learn from other BEE members about various encaustic techniques.  This will be a fun way for us to continue refining our skills and sharing with each other some old and new tricks!

6) Blog access! ¬†Many of you have been wondering who has access to updating this blog. ¬†I am working on setting up access for every BEE member. This will enable everyone to contribute and make it a larger (more exciting) site! ¬†More details to follow soon ūüôā

7) Help needed! ¬†Delegation is the key to a truly team effort. ¬†SO, with that in mind, there are a few immediate needs for volunteers. ¬†1 Graphics coordinator and 1-2 promotional/ outreach coordinators. ¬†These volunteers will be working closely with each other to help make our team more effective. ¬†They’ll help us brainstorm how to appeal to the rest of the Etsy crowd and to attract customers to our shops! ¬†If that excites you, please let me know at writeshans [!at]


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Team notes available

On the ball

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your patience. I’m going to be setting up some new things on this blog and along with your help, we’ll be making some exciting new changes! But for those of you that are wanting the notes from our first meeting last night, please email me for a copy. writeshans [!at]

Thanks and stay tuned…


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No worries!

Hey all, ¬†I’m working on getting the notes together from last night’s meeting. ¬†It was a lot of fun…and we have a lot of exciting things ahead for us! ¬†Stay tuned because I hope to have them up later today.


In the meantime, check out Melissa’s beeswax! ¬†She harvested it herself! ¬†Very cool Melissa ūüôā

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First chat scheduled!

Hi Bee team,

Our first chat has been officially scheduled. ¬†Please plan to participate this Wednesday (Sept 10) at 7:30 pm.* ¬†Go to this link, and in the Teams section, you’ll see our chat scheduled!

* that is, 7:30 pm Eastern Daylight time. ¬†Please see this link if you’re not sure what time you need to be in the chat room! ¬†ūüôā ¬†¬†

So on Wed evening, we’ll go over some pretty important things in relation to where this team is headed. ¬†If this interests you, please join so we can have full input. ¬†If you’re unavailable, email me (writeshans [at] with any ideas or input you may want to give.


And yes, I know the image is cheesy but I couldn’t resist. ¬†Yay for photoshop. ¬†ūüôā


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Light paintings

Beautiful illuminated encaustic pieces that will be sure to inspire! ¬†Scott Reilly’s technique: use rice paper glued to plexiglass. ¬†He then paints over the rice paper (which is the actual binder, since plexiglass isn’t really porous and it wouldn’t hold the wax well). ¬†He backlights the work using rope light. ¬†I don’t know about you, but this is a new technique and I’m going to spend the next few months trying to tackle this technique! ¬†ūüôā

Enjoy the encaustic eye candy.  

(For more of his work:


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